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Every one of you are in our thoughts as you continue to serve the communities across the nation during this health crisis. Health Centers are the backbone of care for the medically underserved. It is a scary time for all Americans and health care providers are no different.

With the emergence of the expansion of use of telehealth and telephonic services, documentation and billing practices are important to keep revenue going during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have worked with many health centers in their set up, tracking, policy making and workflows to ensure proper documentation and reporting needs are met.

FCG and MCC can assist with this process and ensure that you are able to accurately extrapolate data related to the patients seen during this time. If you would like more information please contact me directly or visit our website for all of our team members.

Start early with 2020 UDS Preparation!

Many Federally Qualified Health Centers experienced difficulties with 2019 UDS Reporting

Many FQHCs have migrated to a new EMR over the last year, and with this comes many changes in system set up and staff workflows. It is imperative that UDS data be validated and archived in case of an audit.

FCG consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience in UDS reporting, edits and submissions coupled with knowledge of many EMR products allowing for assistance in clinical best practices, billing and system set up.

As EMR companies are releasing new toolkits that could require a change in your set up for accurate reporting, let FCG assist and be an extension of your practice early in 2020 to ensure accurate data is retrieved using approved methods set forth by HRSA and CMS.

We understand that health centers utilize data for reasons other than UDS reporting and FCG is mindful of the unique needs of FQHCs with all services we provide to health centers. HRSA utilizes this data for the following:

  • NCC deliverables
  • SAC Applications
  • Special Funding based on your unduplicated patient counts such as the COVID-19 funding recently released.

For more information on UDS reporting compliance, please see chapter 18: Program Monitoring and Data Reporting Systems of the Health Center Compliance Manual.

Our FQHC Consulting Services